Harbour Lane or previously known as Fair Price Furniture is back and updated to give the customer a smoother experience when experimenting on their own homes.

Creating an immersive experience

Designing a space can be quite hard and more often or not it is hard to tell what kind of furniture is well suited to create an atmosphere catered towards the space you want to live in. You may think well about the colors but what about the touch, smell, texture? From leather to velvet, to silk sheet blankets to round wood tables, the combinations are endless. Well Harbour Lane is kicking it up a notch standing up to these Havery Norman giants and saying we are here too! You may think aren’t they all the same? Well yes, but they say its about the angles. Recently they have been incorporating the product with a background creates immersion and visualise the product in an actual setting. Just compare the difference and see how much it helps.

Choosing the perfect couch

A sofa or couch should be something you spend a lot of time enjoying, a bed and friend in times of need. It also takes a lot of space therefore choosing the right couch is paramount. A chunky leather couch may not fit in your industrialized home or a velvet sofa in a raustic home, it just sticks out like a sore thumb. What i like about Harbour Lane now is how the background feels real; if i compared it Harvey Norman’s stock photos those backgrounds look way to unrealistic or something i couldn’t describe myself designing. Take a look at the new design pieces below and comment on what you think!

Go Big or Go Bold

Next on the agenda are the dining tables, they are the true essence and heart of the room. Nothing brings a community together than sitting down around a table and having heartfelt interactions. You can eat, play, talk and customize your niche plant collection on a long rectangular table. Choosing the table usually come first and works in tandem with the couch so its a two package deal. When guests come to look at your house the first time the first thing they will notice is the table as it sets the tone of how the space is set out.

Your Bed is your second home

Whether its how you design the color of the walls to the texture of the furniture, nothing beats the soft radiating enegry of your second home, the bed. half your day will be spent on this and it is argually the second biggest thing you will need but its mostly the bed frame you’re after. So how to you choose? You have height, weight, look, color just to name a few and what you really look for is the design to match the aesthetic of your home. If you were to live close to the sea that a subtle light wood frame would shine beautifully absorbing the natural environment.